Local Towing – Around the Corner or Across Town, We Can Help.


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Springdale Towing Service gives you a different towing experience than what you’re used to.  That is why we are the best towing service in the area. Whether you need a tow around the corner or across town, we are the company to call.  Our drivers know how to handle your vehicle with care.  Whether you need a small car, motorcycle, truck, or scooter towed, we can handle the job.

Flatbed Towing

The flatbed is one of the most popular trucks in our fleet.  Many customers feel at ease when a flatbed pulls up to the scene for several reasons.  First, there is no wear and tear on the vehicle since all four tires are off the ground and on the truck.  It’s nice to know that your car isn’t racking up miles while being towed. Second, damage to the vehicle’s powertrain or suspension is greatly reduced.  When your vehicle is towed by a hook and chain tow truck and hits a pothole, your car will likely hit that pothole too.  There are certain vehicles, such as a classic car, that you want to tow with a flatbed.  If a flatbed tow truck is your preference, let us know when you call.  We make every effort to accommodate you.

Flatbed Towing

Hook and Chain Towing

A hook and chain tow truck, also called a sling, hooks onto your vehicle to tow it.  When people think of a wrecker or tow truck, the hook and chain model is usually what comes to mind first.  Although your car is more susceptible to wear and tear, the hook and chain model can get to vehicles in a tough spot.  For example, if you need a vehicle towed from a parking space or any other close quarters, the hook and chain is the way to go.  When you explain your towing needs, we will make an appropriate recommendation.

Hook and Chain Tow Truck